Update on “Measures for Wikipedia articles related to the climate change controversy”

A few entries ago  we presented a listing about measures related to the discussions  about the climate change controversy on Wikipedia. The listing was based on data from May 2010. We recently  updated our dataset and recalculated the metrics for the same articles.

The result is the following (now based on data as of May 23rd, 2012):

Climate Change Controversy on Wikipedia

Several measures for Wikipedia articles related to the climate change controversy (in parenthesis the rank of the corresponding values in a set of 495 articles related to climate change). These results are extracted from the English Wikipedia as of May 23rd, 2012.

We notice some interesting changes compared to the same list with data of 2010:

- The discussion about Ocean acidification has doubled both in number of comments and users.

- The Climatic Research Unit email controversy has increased considerably on Wikipedia (+50% in number of comments and chains).

- Global warming itself just has increased about 15% according to in these two measures and might soon loose the position as the top controversy in this topic category.

- Other big gainers are Global warming conspiracy theory and Climate change denial which double their  numbers.

- A newcomer which did not attract much controversy until 2010 is Politics of global warming.

- Sea level rise shows also a remarkable increase in its numbers.

- On the down side, most of the articles without any comment remain so as well in 2012. Only Environmental migrant and Climate change mitigation scenarios have been removed from this group.

The table can be downloaded in csv format here: data.csv

2 Responses to “Update on “Measures for Wikipedia articles related to the climate change controversy””

  1. Could you attach the csv table with the data to the post? It would be very useful to explore your results by filtering and sorting the columns.

  2. Done so. You can find a link to the file at the end of the post.

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