Background information to some climate change adaptation controversies

After a recent discussion about the climate change controversies issue with Tommaso Venturini the TU Dortmund team identified some – from our point of view – central controversies concerning climate change adaptation. The selection of controversies has a slight spatial planning perspective as this is our scientific background. However, most of these topics are controversial in any respect:

  • Need for downscaled climate change exposition data for spatial planning decisions for spatial planning
  • Different concepts and terms
  • Increase of extreme events
  • Multiple changes, multiple challenges
  • Temporal scales
  • Dependency of vulnerability assessments

We compiled some background information about these topics in a short paper. When reading it you will see some overlapping with Tommaso’s list in the workshop survival kit (pp. 10-12). However, not all topics that Tommaso lists are described in the paper. Nevertheless the paper could give some input to our discussion during our project meeting on 14 June 2012 in London.

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