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As you remember, during our last meeting in London, we metĀ Sukaina Bharwani and Ben Smith from the amazingĀ project. In London and after that we identified with them a number of maps that could potentially be interesting for their community and during the summer, Milano designed a wonderful wireframe sketching what this maps may look like (thank you Michele):


We sent this wireframe to our friend at weADAPT and here is their feedback:


  • 1) We were not sure about the value of visualising co-authoring just yet as weADAPT is quite young and this is probably not so prevalent yet.
  • 2) This is a good question because it shows focus, and also which initiatives maybe need strengthening.
  • 3+4) We thought that these were really interesting and we especially liked the temporal aspect of Q4.
  • 5) We liked this one the most from a weADAPT/research perspective especially as it’s also easy for users to understand. Here, we could potentially also view tags by initiative and members, as well as organisation?
  • 6) This one would not be as interesting for us as the others but would be ok.
  • 7) This could be more interesting as it could show contentious areas quite well.
  • 8+9) These are both valuable illustrations and again easy to understand.
  • 10) This is also very interesting from a climate adaptation research perspective if we choose pertinent things to monitor over time. We can ask other staff at SEI also working on adaptation to come up with possible questions to model also.
    In summary, we think that for weADAPT 2, 3,4, and 5 are the most interesting, and 8, 9 and 10 in the wider debate. Users would probably be very interested in question 10, and to see who’s doing what (hot topics/most used tags) would be really useful to (both within and outside weADAPT).


On the basis of this feedback, I am now discussing with them to obtain the data we need to build these maps.
I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have more information on this.

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