Ageing Places Visualization Workshop

During the past months we have worked extensively on “Ageing Places: Digital Methodologies for Mapping the Issue of an Ageing Europe”.  We have advanced a series of eleven mapping subprojects that share as a point of departure the ageing of the European population and the debate around the potential consequences of this coming demographic imbalance. We have been mapping this scenario from three different perspectives: ageing as a social controversy,  ageing as a risk and ageing as a placemaking issue. In order to produce these mappings we combined digital methods with strategies for debate and issue mapping. So far some our subprojects include cross-cultural comparisons of the issues associated with ageing, mappings of age-motivated migrations across Europe and, amongst others, the documentation of the evolution of specific issues over a given period of time (issue timelines).

Currently, we are concentrating our efforts to compile the case studies, our research questions and methodologies into a publication. Ultimately, our goal is to produce a practical companion book for issue professionals and students.  As a continuation to this ongoing process from the 24 to the 28th of September we held a visualization workshop. Throughout the week we shared our data and narratives with four designers from the Politecnico Milano, who we  invited to  collaborate with us, dig into the data and  visualize it. They are helping us to think about strategies that will allow us to better communicate graphically both our methodologies and results.
















To prepare for the workshop we compile a 45 page long design brief (Ageing_WorkDesign.pptx.) In this document we included the preliminary visualizations, the documentation of how we gathered the data and descriptions of the findings it has lead to. Additionally, the first day of the workshop was dedicated entirely to familiarize the designers with the sub-projects and with the story-lines and methodologies of Ageing Places.

Workshop designers are Alessandro Dondero, Giacomo Tradi, Alex Piacentini and Stefania Guerra. The workshop is coordinated by Marieke van Dijk and Natalia Sanchez Querubin from the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)  and Aleksandra Kil from the University of Wroclaw.

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