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We have recently started to work with an interesting additional data-source for Wikipedia data: the number of views per hour a specific Wikipedia page receives. This data is available at this website and contains view data since 2008.

Below we present three examples of the temporal evolution inĀ  the interest a specific Wikipedia article generates. Until now we have extracted and processed view data from 2008 till March 2010, more data is being currently downloaded.

Global Warming daily views

Number of daily views to the article Global Warming. One can observe a weekly cycle, seasonal variations and a significant drop of views around Christmas.


Climate change daily views

The article about Climate Change shows similar variations. However the number of daily views is an order of magnitude smaller and shows a significant increase in interest (multiplying the number of daily views by two) starting in the last quarter of 2009.


Adaptation daily views

Finally we also add the views to the article about Adaptation to global warming. The number of daily views is much lower than in the two previous examples, but the weekly and seasonal trends appear as well.


Interesting applications of this type of data might be the combination with the number of edits or comments per time unit, or adding the view count as additional parameter to the network visualizations (generating snapshots for views in different time windows).

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