Maps on climate change adaptation / Part one : international negotiations

Dear all,

We are very proud to introduce the results of the EMAPS first data Sprint (Paris January 6th to 10th 2014) and share them with you.

The UNFCCC negotiations was the topic we selected as an important arena for global governance of climate change & adaptation. This arena produces a lot of data which we collected and used to build the visualisatons. Here is the total list of “raw” data visualized in the 4 mapping projects we are sharing now:

  • All UNFCCC available documents, in particular : COP proceding reports, SBSTA & SBI meeting reports, side events list, adaptation committee documents,  NAPA Project Database available, National Adaptation Programmes of Action: Index of NAPA Projects by Sector
  • Scientific literature on adaptation
  • IPCC reports
  • Earth Negotiations Bulletins
  • Climate Funds Update database
  • OECD DAC ODA (Official Development Aid) database from 2010 to 2012
  • Data on Adaptation Funds board members (Global Environment Facility, Adaptation Fund, Green Climate Fund and of the World Bank PPCR)
  • World Bank database

Browse the results of the Sprint below:
(or click here to download all the visualizations in a single pdf)

  • Who are the experts on adaptation ?

  • Twenty years of negotiations on adaptation at UNFCCC COPs

  • Comparison between NAPA submissions, multi-lateral funds and bilateral funds
    An interactive version of the following set of visualizations is available here:

  • The geo-politics of adaptation funding

Please note that these maps are preliminary results. They are not to be taken as rock solid as far as the data are concerned, and finished products regarding the design. If you circulate them (and please do), pass this disclaimer along.

Your feedback (to & will help us improve them and pursue this research further !

Next step : the Amsterdam data sprint on vulnerability, March 24th to 28th

A big thank to all the participants to the Sprint who made these incredible results possible !

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