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The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) is organizing the workshop Ageing places from the 26 to the 29th of March at the University of Amsterdam. We chose as the theme for the workshop the issue of ageing and its relations to place. In other words, we will focus on ageing as a special kind of distributed issue, both in that it crosses a number of broad sectors and in that it moves across cultural and geographical borders at the same time that it is mobilizing large sets of resources and people across the globe,  while tied intensely to local, international and transnational agendas, to market interests and policy-making. How to begin mapping and visualizing these differences, points of encounters and disagreements will be the challenge of the workshop.

During the week we will have dedicated teams of DMI researchers and select graduate students mapping how ageing is being formatted, framed and diversified across cultural, institutional and geographical borders. We suggest three potential projects to be advanced in the workshop: A first project would examine and analyze the issue of ageing cross-culturally, in other words, how ageing is being issuefied in different European countries: do countries currently share similar concerns with respect to ageing? May one read alignments between countries through shared issue language or matters of concern? A second project would respond to the need for a more fine-grained analysis and would suggest comparing in detail how ageing is being framed in the Polish and the British contexts. And a third project would focus on ageing and the change of place. It would seek to explore possible methodologies to map worker and pensioner migration connected with ageing. The map would show the dynamics of the European working markets, bringing together the multiple narratives related to the migration of the care-workers and the creation of new aging places such as the retirement destinations currently gaining in popularity. Additionally, during the week there will be presentations by the Young Foundation (London), Sciences Po (Paris), DensityDesign Lab (Politecnico di Milano) and from motivated students participating in the course Issue Mapping for Politics (UvA) who will share the outcome of their class projects related to ageing.

We are very excited for this coming week!

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  1. Well done ! Good luck !

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