List of potential controversies

1. Procedures for adaptation funding (how the money is collected, how the money is spent).

2. Indicators of vulnerability and adaptation capacity.
- Both at global level (which countries are more vulnerable) and a national/continental level (which regions/zone are more vulnerable)
- Correspondance between the level of assessment and the level of policy actions
- Impact of legal question of property right and economic value
- How climate/weather forecast
- Difference between climate vulnerability (climate adaptation) and risk for weather-related disasters (disaster management)
- Does the South of the world  indicators produced in the North of the World be applied to
- Consequences on assurance systems

2a. Role of climate models and meteorological forecast in the choice/implementation of adaptation policies.
- The question of extreme events is particularly controversial (trends are better evaluated)
- Which extremes events are better or worse forecasted (sea flooding are better predicted than river flooding)
- At which time / geographical scale are models reliable
- Which climatic variable are better or worse forecasted
- Which regions are are better or worse forecasted
- Socio-economic scenarios for climate modeling

3. Which governance/policy instruments are to be used to choose/implement adaptation policies.
- This is more relevant for countries that have a strong culture of planning

4. An example of a controversial adaptation project in Europe (at regional, national, or local level)

5. An example of a controversial adaptation project in Developing countries (at regional, national, or local level)

6. Overflowing of (biodiversity, agriculture, health and disease management, security and migration management)

7. Question of priority of adaptation

8. Assessing of the success of adaptation actions

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